Road Trips

Carl Judson, the original "Guerrilla Painter" and plein air painter of 30 years, is on the road again.

Check out Carl's cool studio ride! (Above)


June 2019:  Carl and Nina chased a wild hare and went on an impromptu Urban Sketching roadtrip through north-western Nebraska in early November. Carl's ultimate destination was the area around Lexington, NE, but the first leg of the trip took them up to Alliance where they visited Carhenge - if you haven't been there yet, it's worth going out of your way to see (not just as an American cultural monument but a sublime urban sketching model in a rural setting for anyone looking for unusual subject matter). The second day they meandered through the Sandhills and stopped for the night in Broken Bow. After lunch, Nina drove them around in circles for a while before she fell in love with a power plant and settled in for an hour or two to urban sketch.

Heading south out of the Sandhills, they drove to Minden where one of Carl's prime objectives on the Nebraska trip was the Harold Warp Pioneer Villiage in Minden. The museum there was rumored to have a steam powered hay press from the 1870's that he was particularly interested to see. It was a little bit like finding a needle in a hay stack, not at all for lack of organization on the part of the museum or its staff but rather due to the extensiveness of the museum itself. It's a pretty impressive place with lots to see. Carl and Nina meandered through the museum for most of the day, still didn't see everything there was to be seen and had to be ushered out by the staff past closing time. Before hightailing it back to Colorado, Carl had some research to do for a chapter in the next Guerrilla Painter's Notebook Vol. 6 (coming soon!) which involved a visit to the courthouse in Lexington.

Stay tuned! As we know more about Carl's upcoming trips, we'll post them here.


Future Road Trips

Don't be shy! You can help, and now is a great time to get in contact with Carl. Carl welcomes inquiries about potential stops. Give him a call or drop him a line if you would like to have him stop by to meet you or your painting group for a cup of coffee to talk painting, or to rummage around his traveling art supply store. We'll post more here as we know about stops and seminars any of you set up with him, so stay tuned!

For groups large or small Carl has three programs that artists around the country have enjoyed:
  • "Paint Outside the Box -- Personal Style in Plein Air" A seminar/workshop centered around slides on Carl’s iPad: About 50 slides of work from the Renaissance to the present give context for a brief history of plein air painting and provide examples of the surprising diversity of styles that painters over the last 250 years have used to depict the world around them. For groups larger than 5 or 6, requires a room with a TV or surface to project on. The presentation takes about an hour. Carl encourages questions and discussion from participants – this often gets quite lively so, allow 2 hours.
  • "Paint Small for Big Results" Equipment demo and discussion: Carl talks about the benefits of adding small paintings to your repertoire, not only to expand your opportunities to paint but to make big strides in your development as a painter. This is a nuts and bolts session with lots of opportunities for questions about paring your equipment down so that you can. About 1 hour.
  • "Frank Reagh" Video: Frank Reaugh (pronounced ‘Ray’) was a unique turn of the century pastelist and naturalist in the Texas Panhandle – a really fine plein air painter. For groups larger than 5 or 6, requires a room with a TV or surface to project on. About ½ hour.

Carl's contact info:
His cell is 970-217-5759 (please leave a message if he can't answer or feel free to text him). Email him at: His website is:

Track My Tour: Carl posts regularly on Track My Tour with each new road trip. Keep up with his latest adventures! Past Track My Tour posts are available. Take a look:

Happy Painting!