9x12 Guerrilla Box Telescoping Easel™

SKU: 134.12

 The Telescoping Easel™ adapts the Guerrilla Box™ or Hinged Front Guerrilla Box™ to allow it to hold canvases or panels that are larger or smaller than 9x12 inches. Includes a removable lower shelf that hooks onto the lid clips, an upper shelf on the top of the lid, and the mast that attaches to the back of the lid using existing screws. 

  • Holds panels or canvases up to 20" high
  • Use alone or in combination with the 9x12 Slip-In Easel
  • Easy installation
  • Never needs to be removed
  • Includes mast, upper shelf, removable lower shelf, and installation hardware
  • Aluminium
  • Made in the USA

For use with the original 9x12 Guerrilla Box™ or Hinged Front Guerrilla Box™ only

MSRP: $59.99