Extra Fine Oil Primed Panels™

SKU: 498.5x7

Guerrilla Painter® Extra Fine Oil Primed Linen Panels™ are designed for artists who want a sympathetic, fine textured surface for oil painting made according to time-tested traditional, archival standards.

  • Available in 7 sizes
  • Extra fine weave blend - 10.5 oz 55% linen 45% cotton
  • Traditional glue sizing
  • Triple priming with titanium dioxide ground in linseed oil
  • Bonded to MDF hardboard core with hide glue
  • Professional rolled edge – a clean look, resistant to damage
5x7 MSRP: $5.49
6x6 MSRP: $5.89
6x8 MSRP: $6.89
8x8 MSRP: $7.39
8x10 MSRP: $8.79
9x12 MSRP: $10.89
11x14 MSRP: $14.99
12x12 MSRP: $14.29
12x16 MSRP: $17.59


Please check out our video on instructions for oiling out panels to prepare for painting.