Multi-Mount Plein Air Umbrella™ V2.0

SKU: 308V2

The Multi-Mount Plein Air Umbrella™ was invented by a plein air artist for plein air artists. Includes a collapsible umbrella, adjustable clamp, base neck, goose neck and instruction sheet.

It has a reflective silver top with a black underside that won't cast a glare on the canvas and features wind vents. This umbrella is a light, portable painting companion that can be easily stored or carried wherever you need it and can mount to almost anything.

Since it is designed to fold up compactly, it has lots of moving parts that need some TLC. It should not be used in windy conditions. 

  • Small and lightweight
  • 2 neck options
  • Extends to 34"
  • 42" diameter canopy
  • Collapses to 12" in length
  • Weighs 1lb 3 oz
  • Silver with black interior
    MSRP: $99.99