Palette Extension Kit for the 9x12 Guerrilla Box™

SKU: 132.12B-D

Double the work space to the Guerrilla Box™ or Hinged Front Guerrilla Box™ with these right and left hinged palette extensions. Folds into box when not in use, and standoff screw keeps it elevated above your palette. 

  • 2 fold out palettes
  • 5 holes to set brushes on each palette
  • Parking slot for the Hang-Up Brush Caddy™ on each palette
  • Simple installation
  • Birch plywood and aluminum
  • 6.2" x 9" x .2" (single palette)
  • 7 oz

Note: With the Palette Extension Kit installed, there will be room for one less wet panel in the lid. 

MSRP: $47.99